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Tuesday, June 29, 2004
bye Bente! don't forget your pepperoni roll
Listening to:Redhead by Bleu
Weather:65, partly cloudy
My bud Bente is flying home as we espeak. I had such a lovely visit with her. Hopefully she dug it. She got to experience some quintessential north central WV stuff, some very american stuff, and some good old fashioned hanging out. Wednesday night we went to the Blue Moose to see Scott from the Argument, that was fun. Thursday we had a leetle barbecue at Ed's, played his kickass Roland electronic grand, and headed up to Lakeview to see Greg, Luke, and Chuck. I sang a few tunes w/the band, was designated driver and whatnot, good times there. Baseball double header on Friday. Breakfast at the co-op somewhere along the way. Had a little shindig/hootenanny in her and Gail's honor on Saturday night, we all played music on the porch, ate food, whatnot. Sunday we saw Fahrenheit 9/11 at Bridgeville (because those wussies who run the cinemas in Mo'town are too chicken to play the film opening weekend, losers! Jokes on them, it was the top grossing film of the weekend. Heh.) Then continued northward to the 'burgh for sandwiches and Yeungling at Primanti's, a walk through the Strip, and a jaunt over to Pitt to nose around the Cathedral of Learning. Yesterday Ed took Bente for a motorcycle ride, then a truck ride over to Coopers Rock. Today after breakfast we headed north early, lunched at King's family restaurant (hot apple pie w/cinnamon ice cream for dessert, yum), then had a hour to poke around the Warhol Museum. Then we made it to the airport with plenty of time to sit and chill for a bit before it was time for Bente to get checkpointed and take the shuttle to the other terminal.

All groovy. I'm a lucky cat to have a friend like Bente. She's the bomb.

Meanwhile, I worked a shitload during the week, too. I gave two 3-hour CEU trainings at the Summer Institute on Aging (w/collegue Suzanne), drove to Huntington to present to 85 senior employees for an hour, went to a PATH/MAP meeting for Vicki, and applied for a very part-time gig in disability law. Phew.

This Bleu album is intensely popalicious. Lovin it. The slow sustained electric intensity of Neil Young, but with a glossy pop melodic vocal edge. Plenty of flat 6th scale degree appearances in major keys, my favorite Beatlesque harmonic device. Nice. I highly recommend it. Try the tune You Know, I Know, You Know.

Shrub is going to be in WV on July 4. I've already committed to camping at Chestnut Ridge, which should be fun, Keith & Joan are playing. But it would be a blast to protest that war weenie's visit. Can't do it all, dangit.

And the weather's been just perfect. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeha!

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bye Bente! don't forget your pepperoni roll