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Thursday, June 10, 2004
a few reviews
Listening to:Keep On Growing, Derek & the Dominos
Reading:More SciFi from OS Card, shorts
Bought a little FM transmitter for $29. It can be powered by 2 AA's or included car lighter adapter. It's a little bigger than my thumb, with a cord about 4 inches long, stereo minijack which plugs into the headphone jack of any audio device (a portable CD player, MP3 player, my iPAQ, etc.). Then the audio signal is broadcast up to 50 feet on an FM signal, so you can tune it in on any radio, like my car radio. It works as it said it would (signal activated, set to any FM frequency). But sound quality sucks. It's OK for audiobooks, my primary purpose for it, but music is too shitty fidelity to listen to.

Jelly Belly M&M's. Milk chocolate centers, candy shells of different colors and flavors. Uh, mostly yuck.

Bolthouse Farms bottled Vanilla Chai Tea w/Soy Protein. Very delicious, kind eggnoggy and thick, plenty of calories and sugar.

Liv did the dishes yesterday!!! She begged me to take her to the mall and pick her up after work. She wanted to meet her friend David. I didn't want to leave work, have plenty to do and a little behind on most of it. But she said she'd do the dishes, and clean all her crap out of my car. And she did!! Yeeeeeha. I've been a little sick with this cold for almost a week, so I was glad to have the opportunity to lay down and sleep.

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a few reviews