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Sunday, June 13, 2004
Goodbye to Sly Arch Ear and Insane Anglo Warlord
Listening to:Steely Dan, Everything Must Go
Reading:Core CSS
Weather:73, mostly sunny
Both Ray Charles and Ronald Reagan died this week. Two major dudes, indubitably. Ray had powerful influence on almost all pop genres of music in the last 40 or 50 years, country, blues, rock, R&B, jazz, funk, vocal pop. At the height of the civil rights movement he covered Your Cheatin Heart. I think the cat is a shining example of musician as peacemaker. What two people couldn't sit together in a room, grooving to Ray and those smooth Raylettes, and smile? Kruschev and Kennedy? Sadat and Begin? Cat and Atty Gen Asscrotch?

Lovely beer night on Friday at Dantheman's. It rained plenty, so we stayed inside, feasted on a variety of good stuff, drank Coronas and whatnot, chatted, and watched Cirque du Soleil with the sound turned down and Dan's mp3 mixes for soundtrack. There were enough amazing synchronicities that I'm confident the Dark Side of the Rainbow is mere serendipity.

Also, a dive board buddy of Dan and Linde's joined us. He was spending the weekend w/Dan and Linde, to go diving at Mt. Storm. He came from Toledo, and they'd never met each other in the flesh, yet had known each other for years on the board. He fit right in. Fine example of the web making the world so much smaller.

The view from the cathouse today:

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Goodbye to Sly Arch Ear and Insane Anglo Warlord