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Sunday, June 20, 2004
on the corner of First and Insane, equal parts Butthead and Peter Pan
Listening to:A Few Small Repairs, Shawn Colvin
Weather:47, sunny
This Shawn Colvin album is kickass. It's the one with Sunny Came Home on it, which I believe won a Grammy. It also has the theme from the sitcom Suddenly Susan on it, cool song, and I actually liked the show. It had Judd Nelson in it, yum. Shawn is brilliant and groovy, how rare. one nifty trick of hers, use different changes under the 2nd verse, but same melody. Just like that little mystery A minor substitution in Take It Easy by Jackson Browne/Eagles in verse 3. Other 2 verses, it's a C. Just thought we'd slip that in there to see if you were paying attention, cover bands.

A little finch flew in my kitchen yesterday. I have a bad habit of leaving the door wide open. Little birdie flapped and hopped around the windowsill behind the sink. I actually picked her up, walked outside, and threw her up in the air and she flew away.

I'm totally overwhelmed at work, and I have 2 different 3-hour trainings to do this week! Well, it's actually not that bad, I'm splitting them w/my colleague Suzanne, who totally rocks, so that'll be OK. But I haven't finished preparing, so I've been working this weekend, still more to do. *Sigh*

So I always type two spaces after a period, but I've heard you're not supposed to do that on the 'puter, just one. I learned on a good ole IBM Selectric, and it was 2 spaces then. Whaddy think, should the old dog learn the newish trick?

I played the courthouse square on Thursday. I bill myself as Cat & Friends, but I played solo. Friendless, as it were. Actually several friends were in the audience, at least. Spring came, so Liv had someone to hang with, that was nice. I had a good time. One major benefit of playing alone is you get to play whatever the hell you want. So it was cheesy pop 70's song, one after another. Got to love that. Next time (July something?) I'll actually engage some friends, we'll see what happens. Perhaps we reform the Feelin A'ight Band (minstrel on guitar, Daria on drums, the mighty Josh-wa on guitar, and me on bass), that'd be a blast.

It's father's day, have a happy one, big daddies!

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I'm a two space kinda guy myself. :)

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on the corner of First and Insane, equal parts Butthead and Peter Pan