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Tuesday, June 01, 2004
Listening to:Queen, Leaving Home Ain't Easy
Weather:58, strangely post stormy sunny
Finally finished my movie about the women's march. I will try to ftp it my lycos site, which will actually stream media. It's a bit long, 16 minutes and change. It was fun to make. I used the video editing program that came preloaded on my box, Arcsoft Showbiz. Pretty easy, though limited. Good for a beginner like me.

Liv and Lar and I went to the Grafton Memorial day parade, and met Spring and her boyfriend Joe. Then we all went out to eat. It was nice. So wholesome and all-American. Then Lar and Liv and I drove to Nestorville to pick up Lar's car, then dropped it at his place. He has 12 kittens, so cute. Maybe 5 or 8 weeks old, adorable.

Back to work today, but it's a short week, gotta love it. My old pal Bente comes for a weeklong visit in a few weeks, can't wait! She lives in Alberta, will fly into Pittsburgh. We will play music and hang out and enjoy. She's a way groovy sistah, and I haven't seen her in ages. Perhaps we'll go hang in the Strip district one day or something.

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