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Tuesday, June 15, 2004
Tahoe Tumbleweed made it to Maine
Listening to:Cinderella, by Firefall
Reading:shorts edited by OS Card
Weather:74, sticky
That hitchhiker I picked up on the way home from my last Charleston trip emailed me, he made to his destination New England. After a weekend at the shelter he got them to give him a train ticket, and tripped northward. No longer a prisoner of the white lines on the freeway.

Another trip to Charleston today for me, longass day. First a 2 hour meeting with about 25 folks working on the creation of an Access to Justice Commission for West Virginia. This is a good thing. I'm psyched about the progress. I've been hot on this idea since I attended a national meeting on ATJ stuff over a year ago. It's about examining and dismantling barriers to justice that any West Virginians experience. Can I get a hell, yeah. [now on to Superstition by Stevie Wonder]

Next on the agenda, interviewing a candidate for staff atty at WVSLA. Awesome candidate, now it's between 2 excellent people, tough choice. Cross your fingers for me.

My pal Bente from Canada is coming for a visit next week! Ahoooooooooga! She's the bomb. We met at Indiana U, both working on our Masters' in music theory. Crazy times we had out there. Plenty of Wednesday night open mic's at the Peanut Barrel. Long time ago, 15 years? We're still pals, and I can't wait to see her. If you're reading this, come visit me next week and meet the cool and wonderful Bente.

Did I mention that at beer night on Friday we got into a heavy discussion about the significance of Neil Diamond, both as writer and artist? K. No, really, we did.

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Tahoe Tumbleweed made it to Maine