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Friday, June 04, 2004
Tahoe Tumbleweed
Listening to:Love Is Like Oxygen, Sweet
Weather:58, overcast
Rick, the hitchhiker I picked up on the way home from Charleston today, is headed up to Maine to work on a lobster boat. He's never been to Maine and never worked on a commercial boat. He spent the night in the shelter last night, and is hoping to get at least into PA tonight. Good shot at it, too, since I dropped him in Fairmont about 45 minutes ago. If this trips takes him through both New Hampshire, Vermont, and Massachusetts, he'll have been in every one of the lower 48 states. He was a trucker, but let his CDL lapse after he had a bad accident that shattered his ankle and whatnot.

As we were driving north on 79, a white sedan pulls up next to us and starts honking. It's Sally Burchfiel in the passenger seat, rolling down her window and giving me the thumbs up. Rick is like, damn West Virginians are friendly. Hee hee. I reveal, no actually, dude, she's my colleague. But yeah, WVns are pretty friendly generally. He asked me for my email address, gave me his, and I extolled the virtues of blogging. Lookout for the Taho Tumbleweed blog one of these days.

Helped me forget the very sore throat and minor hangoverish feeling I woke up with today. Last night dhruva and I went to the round bar [sight of the Angel Patrol's big explosive breakup] to surprise the Minstrel. It was his 40th birthday, and he was playing 6-10. I think he appreciated us, it was a pretty small crowd, and we definitely enlivened the joint with our unbridled auxiliary percussion and enthusiastic back up vocals. I drank a number of Coronas (everytime I'd decide it was my last, somebody'd buy me a new one). I got the boy an Etch-a-sketch. Purple. dhruva got him an air guitar (an empty cardboard Samick case) and a hilarious air guitar instruction book. Lar took liv to ball practice for me, and I was a tired puppy when I rolled in around 11:45. I'll be asleep early tonight.

Very interesting discussion today at the Coalition Against Domestic Violence joint councils meeting, mostly about how or whether our outreach campaign for seniors, people with disabilities, and caregivers, should address APS.

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Interesting read!!
greets Anschi
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