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Friday, July 02, 2004
2 spotted fawns in my yard
Listening to:Good Morning America
Weather:58, sunny
While Bente and I were having coffee on the porch one morning, there was a doe coughing just above the line of Norway spruces next to my house. She kept standing there coughing even though we were walking around talking on the porch just about 30 or 40 feet away from her. I wondered if she might be looking for a baby or something.

Confirmed. This morning I looked out the kitchen door to see a spotted fawn checking out the raspberries, about 10 feet from my porch. I ran up to wake livi, she looked out her bedroom window to see, then we both saw the doe and another spotted fawn there, too.

I ran down to get my camera, but the mom was alerted and moved the babies out the gate into my field. But I snapped off a few shots, didn't get anything great. I'll try again tomorrow morning.

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2 spotted fawns in my yard