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Wednesday, July 21, 2004
Listening to:birdies
Weather:63, sunny
No, it's not about diet, though that's the context in which I saw this word on the web yesterday. To me it instantly meant the little bits of shit that accumulate in my car, and that I'm constantly trying to find a trashcan every place I stop to dump them in. Yeah, I know, preposition-ending sentence. Time for the elimination of that rule. Anywho, first ripped corner of M&M's bag, little odd-shaped strips of plastic packaging, pieces of envelope, a renegade french fry. That's carbage to me.

Board meeting tonight, yee ha. I shouldn't whine, at least I get paid to be at work tonight until 8 or 9, my kind-hearted board members are all volunteers.

Free concerts rule. I think that's the way to do it, have municipalities and other entities contract with great musicians using our tax money. That way we all pay what we can fairly contribute, and we all get to enjoy music without feeling guilty or strapped for laying out a big pile of cash for one show. Socialized music. It's a good thing (somebody's gotta fill in for Martha while she's at the county correctional hotel, might as well be me.)

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