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Monday, July 05, 2004
celebrating independence in independence
Listening to:Phoebe Snow, Harpo's Blues live
Weather:72, red sunset turned night
Had a lovely holiday today, learning a couple of songs I've been wanting to play. The Ballad of Spider John, from the Sam Bush album Glamour and Grits, and Gotta Get Back by Shelby Lynne. A little laundry and cleaning, but mostly trying to stay cool. Livi vetoed a swim at Fortney's Mill, though in retrospect I should have just gone without her.

Found a cool interactive web calendar applet, check out my practice one. It's free, you can limit who posts on it by giving them usernames/passwords, and you can add all kinds of HTML to really make yours unique. Two thumbs up from me on that.

Liv and I camped at Chestnut Ridge Regional Park on Saturday night with Gail and Ed and Jana. Ranger Bruce got a little grant to build a stage and produce a concert series there this summer, Saturday was the inaugural show with Keith & Joan Pitzer first, then their group Wolf Creek Session. Very nice setting, you can swim in the pond while listening to the music, or bring your lawn chair. Uninhibited dancers of all ages enhanced the show. The weather was excellent. Nice thunderstorm on Sunday morning, which we comfortably enjoyed from under the tarp that hung over and between our cars. Liv and her friend Ava got wet in the tent where they were just waking up. I've had that old tent since before Liv was born, so I guess it can't be expected to repel water anymore.

Anyhoo, there was some jamming round the campfire after the show. Several other kids around for Liv and Ava to hang out with, that was cool. Sunday morning we cooked up some coffee and eggs and lounged around until we felt like breaking down camp and heading out. Then Liv and Ava and I went to the riverfront park in Mo'town and saw the New Relics, hooked up with Alex and her family, and watched some fireworks.

Going to see Fahrenheit 9/11 again tomorrow night w/Dave Sweitzer in Fairmont.

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celebrating independence in independence