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Saturday, July 17, 2004
jiggy=nuclear cool
Listening to:Whaddya Know
Reading:the siren/titan thing
Weather:70, overcast
Got down to 51 last night, good sleeping weather, so what woke me up at 4? Flipped on Bravo and saw a very groovy and surprising Inside the Actor's Studio with Billy Joel, one of my old faves. I didn't realize that the last tune on his last album, Famous Last Words, kinda was. Apparently for many years he has been writing mid-19th century-style solo piano music. He said the pop music just doesn't resonate with him like it did in his youth. He's back to the classics.

Then another IAS, with Will Smith. He's also a very interesting guy. Loved his bit in Jersey Girl, BTW. This show IAS makes me think that every human is probably interesting if you interview them right. James Lipton is a badass interviewer, kudos to him.

For some reason Blogger pretty seriously altered my template code for this Blog. I made this little bi-color table for my current reads, music, weather quite a while back, and suddenly today the code seems to be all CSS (spans and divs and shit). I'll be interested to see what this post looks like when I publish.

Daria and I went to see Livingston Taylor last night. What a kickass guitarplayer! Extra clean and beautiful, fingerstyle like brother James, very similar vocal style, too. But Livingston is that rare songwriter who writes quietly lovely happy songs. Very professional performer, definitely dedicated to playing and singing well, making the audience feel included, keeping them entertained, gracious and sweet. Go see him if he comes to your town, won't disappoint.

Liv comes home tomorrow! I miss her, even though she makes me crazy. She'll be home for a week, then off to Maine w/her pal Rhiannon for like 10 days or something.

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jiggy=nuclear cool