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Thursday, July 01, 2004
The season's first tomato!
Listening to:the Screensavers
Reading:not much
Weather:74, a bit hazy
Picked the first ripe tomato from my plant this morning on my way out to work. A little one. Yum! There's another one ready to pick, a little bigger. This has to be a record for me, ripe tomatoes before the 4th of July. Keeping the plants indoors over winter did the trick, I think.

WVSLA got $5,000 in Budget Digest money, yeeeha! It's a sordid process, rather undemocratic, and this was my first year trying for any. I asked for $50,000. Could have gotten 0, so I'm thankful. Now I have to find out the rules for spending it.

We've had stunningly gorgeous high 70's and sun for days now, 'bout time it rained.

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The season's first tomato!