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Saturday, July 24, 2004
spoken word
Listening to:Roy Harper on radioio70's
Weather:63, overcast
I'm into audio books. It started years ago when I bought my previous car, which had a very sucky radio. I drive around West Virginia a lot for work, doing outreach and presentations about elderlaw topics, and even if you have a good radio, in lots of WV burgs the only choice you get is between the two country stations. Once I bought my iPAQ about 3 yrs ago, I began downloading audiobooks for these trips. I have a few SD cards for the iPAQ, the biggest being 256K which will hold like 25 hours of audio books. I plug in a cassette adapter into car stereo, other end into headphone jack, and voila, book read to me through my car stereo as I tool down 79 for the gazillionth time.

My usual source of audio is I pay $13.95/mo for any two audio books. Good deal for me, because I am an unabridged snob, and those can cost up to $40 on that site.

The greatest aspect of it all, nothing to dust.

So on Boing Boing today I find out about a nifty source (Telltale Weekly) of audio books from the public domain at very cheap prices. They have an RSS feed for new titles, too, so I added it to my Bloglines list. Cool.

Will it get hot enough today for a swim? I'm hoping for some late afternoon Fortney's Mill action.

Addendum: Read this Slate article, it's interesting and hilariously crafted.

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