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Sunday, July 11, 2004
the swing is gone, the swing is gone away
Listening to:Just Remember I Love You, Firefall
Reading:Siren of the Titans, Vonnegut
Weather:87, sunny, sticky
This morning I got my first swim of the season at Fortney's Mill. Just perfect. Water slightly above medium stage, refreshingly cool, and I got a great parking space because there weren't many people out yet. Cute long-haired old guys, a family with some kids, some highschool/college age folks. A little skinny swarthy dude with a long black braid called out to a silver-bearded old man with only one hand, "hey you old one-handed son of a bitch!" to which was replied "hey yourself you wetback shithead."

Instead of the usual Lynyrd Skynyrd or AC/DC, we were treated to some classic Whitesnake on mildly-blown car stereo speakers. Nothing like luscious riff-oriented crunchy rock and roll. The water coming over the falls is warmed by the sun first, so you get a little rush of warmth if you can swim against the water flowing into the quarry basin. Perfect day for examining the bottom via diving or snorkeling, the water was crystal clear. I might have to go back for an evening swim, it was so supreme. And free, I might add.

The ropeswing was conspicuously absent. But the side of the tree it usually hangs on looked kinda dead, so perhaps safety finally became a concern for the drunkards who swing precariously over the jagged rocks and dangerous shallows to drop into deeper part of the quarry.

Working on a webpage invite for my Blue Moon party at the end of the month. I made a cool background graphic, now I need to buckle down and force myself to make the page with cascading style sheets, since I've been skirting around the issue for months.

cat's short term wish list: new Subdudes album, a high-res scanner like my old dead one, and a for dummies-type book on Dreamweaver MX.

Liv left this morning for a week with my mom. She probably slept the whole way out to DC - we were out till 1:00am last night seeing Spiderman II. She'd already seen it with her dad, but she wanted to go to the movies with her buddy David, who's been gone for 3 weeks, and just got home last night. Just in time for her to be gone for a week. Spiderman II was OK, I liked the sets, cool kinda gothic and deco city scapes.

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the swing is gone, the swing is gone away