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Wednesday, July 14, 2004
Twister Sister Redux
Listening to:All Things Must Pass, George
Reading:Siren of the Titans, Vonnegut
Weather:67, sunny
What a treat, a free concert last night at the riverfront amphitheatre. Deni Bonet (and her band), fresh off a tour with Cindi Lauper. Remember Deni? She was the violinist with Stark Raven, which mostly became the Mountain Stage Band, and also the Twister Sisters. And before my time she played with Catfish Bullet. I actually met her when I was a kid, I think she's from my hometown of Woodbridge, VA. I went to day camp at the local park, and she was a camp counselor, I think I was about 10 or 11.

When I came to WVU in 1984, that fall the Mountaineers beat Penn State for the first time in 30 years or something, and the town was strictly mayhem. Couches on fire all over Sunnyside. My boyfriend and I were hanging out with his classmate up on College Ave, which overlooks it all. We, artists and musicians, of course were only barely aware that football was even being played. But we were drawn into the streets by the sounds of wreckless abandon and drunken debauchery. As we walked down the steep hill of College Ave toward the Mountainlair, I heard beautiful rock and roll with a cello solo! I thought my ears must be playing tricks on me. We headed over toward the old stadium loop, the field was still there, and I think there were still bleachers on one side. And there in the middle of the field played Stark Raven. A rock band with violin and cello, playing Procol Harum. I said to myself, "college is going to be fun."

I'll post my pictures soon, I need to shrink and ftp those bad boys first. [update: see pictures here, don't bother if you dial-up, loads slowly bcuz I didn't shrink them to post. If you see a thumb you like, right-click, save picture as, and you'll have a nice phat high-res picture.]

Off to Stonewall Jackson resort for a meeting today. Livi is with mom for a week, I'm freewheeling, who know's what I'll get into. Yeah, right.

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Twister Sister Redux