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Friday, July 23, 2004
what is "mormon opens up a can of whoopass," Alex?
Listening to:Leaving Las Vegas, Sheryl Crow, in my head
Reading:who am I kidding, nothing
Weather:65, overcast
I finally sat and watched at least one round of double Jeopardy with the amazing Ken Jennings still riding his winning streak. He's up to like $1.2 mil or something. He won again, of course, and banked $52,000, fucking with Alex because that's the daily total record, and Kenjen has won exactly that 3 times now, without going over. He won handily, and could have safely wagered another $25k or more, but he's toying with Alex. There even a drinking game for the show which includes extra swallows for those special moments between Alex and Ken that arise as their palship goes gold. It's all about the buzzer reaction time, ya know. He misses plenty of questions, he just knows how to buzz in ahead of the rest without going early enough to get locked out of the question. As in most things, timing is everything.

Today Liv leaves for Maine. She and Rhiannon are taking the video camera and will hopefully make a movie of some sort. Meanwhile, I'll be planning our pilgrimage to Red Bank, NJ, childhood home of Kevin Smith and location of Jay & Silent Bob's Secret Stash. We will hopefully spend a day or two in Manhattan with Liv's Uncle Steve, as well.

Happy Birthday to my dad tomorrow, he'll be 69.

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what is "mormon opens up a can of whoopass," Alex?