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Wednesday, August 18, 2004
from the Library of the Chathams
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Dude! I'm in Chatham NJ, the town next to Madison, where my granny lived. I spent a couple of weeks each summer with her here. It's the bomb! Had a splendid day in Red Bank on Monday, what a great little town. Hung at Jay & Silent Bob's Secret Stash, got pictures of Lar with the Buddy Christ, Liv got a cool T, etc. Then on to Monmouth Beach, a free beach (rare around here) which we had practically to ourselves. Water was very nice and warm, good waves, I went skinnydipping, too. Then a cruise through Asbury Park, which I was warned wasn't "nice." That's a understatement, yo, the place is a crack-infested ghetto. But we found the Stone Pony, took a photo, witnessed a parking lot drug deal. Then a day at Sandy Hook, national recreation area. I think we could see Newark from there across the ocean. Checked out Madison yesterday afternoon. I couldn't believe the pet store and Schnippers are still right there on the main drag. My granny's apartment building is so gorgeous, this is a beautiful wealthy town. I'll post picures when I get home. Off to NYC today, taking the train, meeting Liv's Uncle Steve in Manhattan. We plan to catch a Newark Bears baseball game (Steve's their announcer) on Friday, then head home to make Liv's softball party at Krepps on Saturday noonish.

Tally ho!

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from the Library of the Chathams