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Sunday, August 08, 2004
get your peace on
Listening to:liv's alarm beeping
Reading:Sirens of Titan, no, really!
Weather:58, gorgeous
Oh the misery of 3 more months of electioneering. How will they steal it this time? Create a "terrorist" threat to cancel, postpone, or otherwise monkey with the elections? The whole Republican-owned Diebold voting machines thing is just a little too obvious, surely they can't be relying on that stupid rigging. Or can they? I'll be casting a vote against the Bush & Dick All-War All-the-Time show, but don't confuse me with a democrat. I'd actually like to have a freakin anti-war candidate to vote for one of these days. How about a non-rich, non-white, non-male? Just to mix it up a little. Too much to ask for, I suppose. I'd still vote for Oprah in heartbeat.

Call me Slackerina, no posting for a week. Busier than a one-armed paper hanger, I've been. Fri night liv had a little soiree with 4 friends, 3 spent the night. We built a nice little fire, but they tired of it after a mere couple of s'mores. I, on the other hand, grooved on it for an hour to two. Kids were all up by 8:00 Saturday morning, strangely enough (never went to sleep?). We hopped in the car, stopped at flea market across the road at the Gladesville Community Center, I bought a little zen rock garden for $2. Then off to Mo'town to go to the biggest yardsale on earth thing at the parking garage, then meet Al & Carol at the Moose. But the kids were hungry, so we Moosed first, had yummy eggs & hashbrowns breakfasts, then yardsaled it. Ran into Karen Lemery there, hadn't seen her in years. Then back to Moose, meet Rhi's folks, then stopped at Ed's to care for kitties. Are they home yet? I thought they were supposed to be home on Friday, but no sign of them yet. Then home. After a little straightening up in the house, I took my tea, book, and chair up the hill by the firepit and read for a few. Got a notion to nuke those multi-flora rose bushes taking up residence up there, and grabbed the loppers. Nuke. Once they dry a bit I'll burn those bad boys, hips and all.

What a lovely, low-humidity cool weekend we're having. Reminds me to check the fuel oil tank level and get a fill-up before the winter prices set in. Hopefully I don't need a whole tank full, I had to fill up last year in January for the first time ever. Ouch. Usually I make it all winter on one tank. And the weather wasn't even cold, the electric bill said Oct/Nov was 6 degrees higher than last year. Hopefully it was merely the experiment of using the furnace's domestic hot water heater, which turned out to be very inefficient. I saved about $15 on a two-month electric bill, but paid $430 for second tank of fuel oil. This year I stick to the electric hot water heater and hope the furnace is way more efficient than last year.

The iron weed is blooming, time for back to school shopping! We're going to take an actual vacation to New Jersey/New York for 5 or 6 days, so I'm trying to be thrifty on the spending. We have never in liv's life actually taken a trip for more than a day anywhere but my folks' for a reason other than my work. This will be our first vacation ever! Looking forward to it. I've been gathering train schedules and hotel info. Should be fun.

Did you know that you can make a database of your favorite movies on IMDB? For free, too. Kinda cool. You do have to register, however, but hopefully we all know to have a separate free email addy just for those pesky registrations. I can't figure a way to link to my list, because you have to log in to see it, but I'm working on that.

Someone needs to do my laundry. Guess who that'll be?

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