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Tuesday, August 31, 2004
on becoming a cheap date
Listening to:the dude next to me clacking away at the keyboard
Reading:Breakfast of Champions
Weather:climate-controlled hotel air
I am at the Marriott in Charleston, in the Business Center checking my email and whatnot. Tomorrow begins the Governor's Summit on Aging. I am on the steering committee and also a presenter this year. I think I have advancing creeping crud. My throat has been bothering me, congested, sneezing, cranky, etc. SO today I finally look in my throat, yuck, a giant protrusion coming out of my right tonsil. I know, TMI. Anyhoo, doctor's orders (doctor cat, that is) two shots of tequila with salt and lime. The fine gentleman bartender poured fat shots, I'm warm and silly from a mere two. Dang, if only it had been that easy and cheap in my drinking days, I'd have saved so much money. And could have afforded something better than the dreaded Pepe Lopez. I see you smiling, you've been bitten by Pepe, too, haven't you?

Now for the big decision, find food now and hottub later, or vv? Tough choice. I watched the last half of Bend it Like Beckham when I got here, what a fuckin great film. I'm a bit of an Indiaphile anyway, so the wedding scene, etc. really added to my appreciation of the movie. Missed it? Great rental, no big screen requirements.

DJ Dave tells me Michael Moore is at the Repub convention in NYC, reporting for McPaper (USA Today). Heh heh. OK, one point for those ranting about the media's liberal bias. I rarely find that to be true. I think it's two-party bias - they pretend there's a diff between Repooplican and Democrap to make us think there's rousing democracy. But in fact they are TWO LOUSY SIDES OF THE SAME SHITTY COIN. Call me a commie, I don't give a shit.

Well, tequila becomes her, you say. Off to the hottub!

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on becoming a cheap date