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Sunday, August 01, 2004
snuggled in the LL Cool Beans by the campfire
Listening to:myself sweat
Reading:your mind
Weather:84, sunny
My Blue Moon celebration was groovy. A small but hearty group, we played music on the porch most of the afternoon, evening, and night. Eventually when only JimBob, his son Chris, Larry, and I were still here, sometime after midnight, we walked up the hill and Larry had a good little fire going in the pit. The weather was great, comfortable temp for t-shirt, mostly cloudy but occasional clear glimpses of the blue moon, actually appearing a bit blue, with a pinkish ring around it at some points. It was so nice I grabbed the sleeping bags and crashed up there till about 4:30.

Wee bit of an overhang today, mostly due to lack of sleep. Liv came home this morning! She had a wonderful time, took several pictures which she'll probably post, and is glad to be home.

Methinks it's a good day for a little swimming hole action. And feed Ed's cats.

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snuggled in the LL Cool Beans by the campfire