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Wednesday, August 11, 2004
tabbed browsing reveals the great virtue of favicons
Listening to:bugs
Reading:Sirens of Titan in paper and Breakfast of Champions on audio, both killer
Weather:76, lovely
K, I think I've finally seen the true value of the cute little icons that appear (intermittently) on your status line and in favorites/bookmarks just left of the URL or bookmark, aka favicons. You can see it too -- stop using IE, download and use Firefox instead, and use tabbed browsing. Tabbed browsing, BTW, let's you have just one browser window open in Windows, and lots of webpages open within it, each with it's own tab across the top of the Firefox window. Lovely.

A cool use for tabbed browsing might be to open a folder in your favorites/bookmarks called Morning Reading or some such thing. Then add links to your local newspaper, your webbased email, The Onion, Michael Moore, and your RSS reader. Then you come in to your desk, coffee in right hand, mouse in left (ward off Alzheimers by creating new neural pathways, more on this later), you right-click on the folder and click Open in Tabs. Then, voila, all your daily read pages are open at once, you tab though each.

K, back to the cute little wonders that are favicons. Ya got your morning pages all open neatly in their little tabs, and the sweet thing is each tab has the little favicon showing for the site, like a shorthand to identify the page without having to have a tab giant enough to display the entire URL!

I'm Rick James, bitch!

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tabbed browsing reveals the great virtue of favicons