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Saturday, September 18, 2004
can you id the mystery flower?
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I start most of my plants (veggies and flowers) from seed inside my house, typically around March or April every year. I usually grow flowers for hanging baskets and tomatoes and maybe some squash. If I plant peas, the seeds go straight into the ground in March or April, no need to start indoors. I mostly grow flowers that I've grown before, so I know which is which when they germinate. However, this spring I apparently started a bunch of seeds of some mystery plant, I still haven't identified it. I planted them in hanging baskets, along with other flowers, and in some small pots in my window box. Apparently I knew they were vines, because the window boxes have mostly morning glories, and I put strings up for them to climb.

The mystery vine grows strong and fast, lots of little curly runners for grabbing, and rather narrow pointed leaves, about an inch or two long. The leaves turn a bit red, but are not shiny. The vine looks a lot like wysteria, which I'd kinda decided it was, until I saw the flower. None of these vines had a single flower all summer until just a couple of weeks ago. Actually, I had been away for a week, and no one had watered them, so maybe a little stress encouraged them to bloom. The blossoms are a couple of inches across, and only last 2 or 3 days each, and are few and far between on the plant. Got any ideas what the hell it is?

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can you id the mystery flower?