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Sunday, September 05, 2004
deja view
It's a worldwide freakin web, yet I see these two pages within about 45 seconds of one another. (click each one, I promise this coincidence is a mindblower) No joke. Saw the first one while flipping through the stellar examples of CSS design in the CSS Zen Garden project. I actually made my first CSS page today. Then I decide to check my email, hit Home, where I am logged into MyYahoo. On my MyYahoo page I have some syndicated blogs, including Boing Boing, right next to the module that lists my email boxes and whether there are any new messages or not. Before hitting the mailbox link (because there are New Messages), I see the title of the Boing Boing entry, something about new MyTunes. So I click to read the entry, then click the link, and, badabing! I see the second page. What a tiny tiny path I seem to be traveling. Maybe it's a 6 degrees of separation kinda thing.

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deja view