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Wednesday, September 22, 2004
happy autumn!
Listening to:silence
Weather:79, sunny
Unusual equinox weather. I'm not bitching, just noting. It's been high 30's at night, low 80's in the day for quite a while. Reliatively low humidity, great for drying clothes. My tomato plants are looking unhappy, though. I think it's time to bring them in.

Cat Stevens' entry into the US from his home in England got rejected because he's on a terrorism list. He's been a dick in the past, supporting the Rushdie death wish and all that, but lately I think he's been espousing more peaceful points of view. I'm not sure where I stand on this one.

Liv dyed her hair purple.

I have a nasty cold. Been skipping work since Monday. Liv got over mighty quickly, it's hanging on with me. Heading from my head to my chest today, nice. I have a solo gig on Oct. 4, and a weekend of groovy music Oct. 1-3, so I need to kick it. I've been on my usual tea and hot peppers regimen.

Friday I'm thinking about going to Nemacolin Woodlands to see Smashmouth. There's some kind of PGA tournament going on there, and it costs $22 a day to get in. But once you're in, there's a ton of cool stuff happening other than golf, including Smashmouth on Friday night and Jo Dee Messina on Saturday night. Kids under 17 are free! Yeah, baby. It's only about 45 minutes from schmo'town.

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Where's your gig on the 4th?
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happy autumn!