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Thursday, September 30, 2004
like a rock star at Zone 8
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Weather:54, too early to tell
Wow, Martha Stewart is actually going to be incarcerated at Alderson after all. I heard that early on, then all I heard was Connecticutt. I saw an article in a paper on the web with a quote from a local resident: "Martha Stewart will love it here, and we hope she will want to come back after she's released," Lobban said. "This is a beautiful community." Yeah, Martha is going to love it in prison, you fucking moron. Almost as offensive as the Merry Maids commercials with happy maids scampering about with their mops and brooms. Yeah, they can't wait to get to freakin work and clean your skanky toilet.

On a truly grooving note, I played cello on Mark Poole's new album yesterday. The song is called History, and it is quite delicious. Big layered production, think Phil Spector, mixolydian mode, shades of Beatles, Kinks, Beach Boys, Led Zeppelin, but with a very fresh edge. Don't hold your breath till it comes out, he's been working on it for 2 years. But that's why it's so damn good.

Tomorrow on to Hungry Mother! Can't wait to see my old pal Tom Teachout and play music all weekend with him and a bunch of cool pickers. Then next weekend the Bramwell Oktoberfest! Ahooooooga!

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like a rock star at Zone 8