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Sunday, September 26, 2004
Smashmouth rules, Atlantic BB sucks
Listening to:Lighthouse's Tale by Nickel Creek
Weather:61, partly cloudy
Went to Nemacolin to see Smashmouth. Great show!! And a bargain, too. Mapquest said go one way, Nemacolin's site said another, and we took yet a different route! It took us about 40 minutes from Motown. We went up 26 at Bruceton, then left on 8 which became 381 in PA, I think. Anyhoo, it was a lovely 2 lane drive, pretty direct. We parked in a field, took a shuttle, and saw a bunch of white people watching more white people hit a little bumpy ball across a manicured chemical-laden artificially-contoured terrain. Kinda funny. There was also a little craft fest at the 14th hole which we checked out, bought some salsa.

Show was scheduled to start at 6p, but they can't have loud rock and roll while they hit the little balls, so there would be a delay. No show till the last ball hits the last cup. Great. So we sit and sit and sit on the lawn awaiting the show. Nice stage set up, two huge trees across front and back with about 60 filmed cans each, one tree across the top center stage with digitally colored lights. Hum de dum de dum. Then there's a clackity racket behind us, we turn to look. Holy shit! There's a farm tractor with a trailer behind it (later we see it carried a generator and a boom flood light) barreling down the 80 foot bank from the golf course toward the amphitheatre grounds. It chooses an amazingly safe path, between a food tent and the vendors area, and I think everybody was able to get out of the way. It rolled to a stop a couple hundred feet onto the flat area. While it was coming down the bank, that trailer was hopping up and down, looked like it might go ass over tin cup in front of that tractor. Maybe it did, I didn't get to see it at the bottom of the bank, humans standing in front of me. Crazy situation.

Well that was an exciting diversion while we waited about an hour and half for the show. Then the opening band starts. A power trio from Pittsburgh. I won't tell you their name, because they sucked so incredibly much I don't want to give them any publicity whatsoever. I have lived in the Mo'town area for 20 years, and therefore have seen and heard plenty of really bad music. Yes, of course there's good stuff here, too, but the ratio of bad to good has been rather high, especially at certain points. Anyhoo, they couldn't tune their instruments, they could only sing in unison, they often could not sing in the same key they appeared to be playing in, their sound man was deaf, the bass sounded like a broken foghorn in a school gym, their drummer knew but one square beat in one tempo, and what lyrics I could understand were about a girl. And they were loud. So we suffered through that shit for a mercifully short set.

Sorta long break, then finally, the 'mouth. They were unexpectedly good players, put on a great show, good mix, lots of tunes from Astrolounge the album I have and love [k, actually I bought it for liv], good politics (enviro, legalize), and appeared to be enjoying themselves, always a bonus. Plus, their melodies and arrangements are particularly uniquely cool, got a tritone/sharp 4th scale degree thing going on that I like. FuckinA, worth the trip and the wait. I check their website, they appear to have dropped to the county fair zone like my other secret favorite (England) Dan Seals.

<>rant<>My lousy cable company got rid of Sundance Channel. Those bastards!!!! That is actually one of the reasons I got cable in the first place about 3 years ago. We had nuthin but an aerial on the roof till then. My criteria were: $50 or less, had to have Sundance, had to include broadband internet. They delivered on that, and since then the same package now costs me $97 a month. And I only watch about 6 channels with any regularity, Sundance being one of them. I don't fuckin care about sports, music videos, shopping, "news" channels, or most network pablum. I don't want to see "doo doo doot doot doo, I'm lovin it" five times a freakin hour. I just want to watch a weird movie without interruption, k? Next they'll take IFC off, and I'll have to fuckin flip. I wrote the general manager a letter, like he really gives a fuck.<>/rant<>

Leaves definitely changing here. Time to bring in some plants. Carol says my poinsettias (still alive and mostly well!!) will need to have no light outside of the usual day cycle in order to get them to bloom. K, maybe a little screen of sorts with them between it and window. That's the ticket.

Wanna see Larry's garden?

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Smashmouth rules, Atlantic BB sucks