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Sunday, September 05, 2004
subconscious dyslexia
Listening to:Isabella by the Dreamsicles
Reading:Sirens of Titan
Weather:70, sunny
Gorgeous day, hopefully one for the swimming hole. Probably should have carpe'd the diem on that yesterday, as Liv will no doubt want me to take her to town today for some social connection, a movie with friends or something. I had the whole day yesterday to do a bunch of nothing at home, so I guess I should cave on this one.

As for the title of this post, I'm at the Marriott in chuckberg Friday morning, conferencing, glad it'll be over soon, thinking about heading home. As I walk briskly toward my next session, I pass the Business Center (a tiny room, two PC's, deadly slow internet connection, free for hotel guests). It says on the door Bla Bla Bla Bla Suit, but I see Bla Bla Bla Bla Slut. Swear to god. It was crazy. I had to stop, turn back, and look again. Oh, Suit. Suite with the "e" missing. I guess I subconsciously knew that Suit couldn't be right, so my brain quickly did a little rearranging to the next most obvious collection of lines. ?

Liv and her dad her umfriend David and I went to the Barbour County Fair on Friday night. Spring and her boyfriend Joe and his little boys went with us, too. The boys are 18 months and 5. It was a blast. Plenty of people, but not ridiculous like the Buckwheat Fest. Lots of rides, which I watched them go on. I used to really like that stuff, but I am truly content to be a spectator anymore. Does not look like fun to go upside down and shit. There were rides for the little guys, too. We wandered through the canning & baking competition winners, and the photography, art, and bug collections. Saw some critters. Ate some cotton candy and hotdogs, got a couple bites of funnel cake. It was wholesome family fun at its finest.

Somebody should make a freakin reality show about that. Though it's not really fun to watch other people on TV having fun, it's only fun to watch them fuss and fight. It's that experiental thing that drives me crazy with Liv -- she always wants to tell you all the insufferable details of some movie or TV show. I can't seem to get it through her head that listening to someone babble on about what they saw just doesn't cut it. At least when you read such a thing, you have the creative experience of interpreting the text yourself, and it sounds however you want it to sound in your head. Hearing someone say it is just noise.

But speaking of reality TV, I can't get enough of the Surreal Life on VH1. At least the series with Tammy Faye, Ron Jeremy, Vanilla Ice, Erik Estrada, and various other T&A. There's just something about it, I can't put my finger on it. All these has-been losers revealing their ignorance and gushing over how cool each other is underneath it all. I guess it just reminds me that every person is worth examining, and has something to offer the rest of us. Even the most loserly former celebs.

Time to get the first load onto the line. Looks like a premium day for drying clothes.

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subconscious dyslexia