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Thursday, October 28, 2004
Ashlee Vanilli and Michael Moore
Listening to:Peg, Steely Dan, in my head
Reading:Diamond Age, Neal Stephenson
Weather:57, overcast
Ashlee Simpson got busted lipsynching on SNL. Duh. Y'all, the bimbos cannot sing, you should know that by now. There is a mildly funny little newsy spoof on it somewhere on the net, a plastic surgeon claims when he did her nose and eye job he accidentally removed her talent. It was a tiny growth up her left nostril, so small he didn't know it would have any impact to remove it.

Michael Moore was da bomb last night at FSU. Nothing new, really, except that he's promoting this notion that another 4 years of Bush would result in reinstatement of the draft. He claims that 40% of our troops in Iraq are guard and reserves. We can't sustain that level with a volunteer army, and ain't nobody volunteering these days, duh. Now that shit is scary.

He gave out clean underwear and Ramen noodles, the sustenance of slackers everywhere. He said stay a slacker, the world needs slackers and people who think all politicians are full of shit and useless. But just this once, he said, please go out and vote on Tuesday to throw that imbecile out. He gave out the phone number for the Pfizer Michael Moore hotline, read the memo where they said look out for a rumpled overweight bearded guy with a camera. Hundreds called the number right then, it was hilarious. The blue glow of the cell phones is like the new lighter at a concert.

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Ashlee Vanilli and Michael Moore