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Wednesday, October 06, 2004
first frost and Michael Moore coming to ncWV!
Listening to:NPR
Reading:Sirens and Skinnydip
Weather:52, clear
It was 30 this morning at 6:15 on my porch, the yard was white with frost. But no more frost for at least a week. I brought most of my plants in, but left the mystery vines, and they did just fine. They look hardy, mistaken for wisteria for a while.

Time to get unpacked from last weekend, and repack for this weekend. I got home Sunday night, worked all day Monday, gigged Monday night, stayed home with a wicked headache yesterday, and finally am getting to unloading and unpacking tonight after work. We're leaving around 6am on Friday to head to my meeting in Institute, then on to Bramwell that afternoon for the wonderful Oktoberfest weekend. So I need to be packed by tomorrow night. I also need to stop at the store and get food and beer to share. I was hoping to get to Korintus for some Chesterfield Ale or Yeungling Lager, but doesn't look like it's fitting into the plan. Oh well.

How about dumbass Cheney confusing with in the debate, and folks getting the redirect to a Soros site! Damn I love the internet.

Michael Moore is coming to Fairmont State!!!!!!!!! Ahoooooga. I'm currently scheduled to be en route to DC that night (Oct 26), but I'm hoping to change that by one day so I can see the man!!!! Fuck yeah!!!!!!!

Correction: I suck. He's coming on Oct 27, and I definitely have to be in DC that day. Damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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first frost and Michael Moore coming to ncWV!