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Sunday, October 31, 2004
Happy Samhain! and watch out for squid
Listening to:Prairie Home Companion
Reading:Diamond Age
Weather:64, partly cloudy
Unbelievably gorgeous day today. Very clear and sunny until just a little while ago, and it's still pretty nice. Tomorrow begins November! Rabbit. Trick or treating was Saturday night in Motown, I guess the religious zealots couldn't handle celebrating a pagan holiday on the sabbath. If they only knew the real origins of xmas and easter.

Liv had a shindig and hootenanny Friday night, my house was invaded by teenagers. If your kids are all grown up, lucky you! Liv is mostly a cool kid, but unfortunately many of her friends are basically assholes. Very rude, selfish, and mindless. I'm glad it's over. They stayed up virtually all night, so Liv slept yesterday away, and skipped trick or treating, hard to imagine. But such is the way of the teenager, sleep is paramount.

I'm having a hard time parting with my Thinkpad. I very rarely use it, and my friend Lynn has been computerless for months. He really needs it. Even though I trip over it more than I use it, I can't seem to let it go. But I'm going to ship it to him this week, and if it's useful to him, he'll buy it from me. If not, he'll ship it back. It's about 5 or 6 yrs old, Win98, no WiFi or burner. But the Targus leather bag it's in costs $100. Whine.

According to some link on Boing Boing, squid biomass has exceeded human biomass on this planet. Apparently squid thrive in global warming conditions.

I'm cooking a Cornish hen and whatnot for supper, my house smells great.

I really like the fantasy of democracy. I normally enjoy voting, that moment when the veil between me and that fantasy is the thinnest. I'm torn between dancing a jig for the end of this tiresome and vicious political season, and being terrified of the likely outcome of those bastards stealing it again. And this time, it's no holds barred, Dubya will have nothing to lose with no potential next term. Now that some Halloween horror for ya.

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Happy Samhain! and watch out for squid