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Thursday, October 14, 2004
Oktoberfest rocked, & got my Michael Moore tix
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Weather:52, rainy
As usual, the Bramwell Oktoberfest was an awesome adventure. The weather was really great, overcast on Saturday but not too cold and just a few sprinkles. This year George and Lara bought the little house next to their house (little compare to theirs, anyway), so there was a cool little HQ with a bathroom right across from the garden. When I say "little," I mean compared to their mansion. We had all the usual fest acoutrements, Lively George's teepee, this time with an awning porch, Bluestone Wildcats, campfire jam, good food, and luscious handcrafted beers. My personal fave was a homebrew from the Virginia boys called Black Beer.

Abra and Ariel have a new baby sister Anna, and she's a happy little mellow kid. Those girls made hundreds of soft pretzels and got a cider press, and they sold fresh cider and hot pretzels and made a bundle. Liv helped a little. Zane brought a friend, as did Olivia, and all the kids stayed at the big house.

Other awesome new additions include Rory's bro Drew, who also (as Jesse and Carol do) lives in Asheville NC. He is a delightful hilarious dude, I hope he never misses another fest. He plays guitar and sang drunken improvisatory songs that had us all in stitches. My fave was "Cathy McConnell" to the tune of Eleanor Rigby (think of the choppy string accompaniment with "at the Elk-Horn Inn the Elk-horn Inn"). He's a doll, we love Drew.

The coolest aspect of the fest is getting to hang out with my old pals, most of whom I only see this once a year. No Joe Altizer this year, that was a bummer. Have to get on him about next year early.

Back to the future. After taking Wesley to school yesterday (he seems to miss the bus about once a week now, little shit), I stopped by the co-op, though it was only 8:30. I figured I'd park and go up to the Blue Moose and drink some coffee till they open at 9. But, lucky me, Barbie was outside selling Michael Moore tix to early comers. So I picked up 5. One for me, one for Liv, two for Jason Huber and Margaret Chapman, and one spare. Yahoo! And my mental calendaring was all screwed up, I'll be in DC NEXT week, so I'm here for MM, yeah baby!

Did you catch the stellar sunrise yesterday? I wonder if the massive orange-pink-red had anything to do with volcanic ash from Mt. St. Helen's. I remember in the 70's when it blew, we had gorgeous sunsets from the ash in the atmostphere for months.

Board meeting last night, pretty smooth, glad it's over, I'm taking off Friday, liv has no school. Then next Thursday they have a 2 hour early dismissal because of freakin WVU football traffic. What Ever.

Tomorrow is beer night, yeeeeeeeha! October is my month for fellowship. 3 weekends in a row of music, beer, and groovy people. Meow.

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Oktoberfest rocked, & got my Michael Moore tix