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Tuesday, October 05, 2004
a stellar october
Listening to:Lonely Boy, Andrew Gold
Reading:Sirens and Skinnydip
Weather:52, sunny
So many good things happening, and some bad ones, too. Good news first:

Had a completely fabulous weekend at Hungry Mother State Park with my old pal Tommy Titties Teachout, his wife, their 11 mo old TBird (Jacob), Mark, Willie, Jan, Connie, Stacey, Fred, Patsy, Donnie, and many other cool folks. Lots of picking, plenty of grinning, good food, appetite enhancement, Corona, lime, comfy bed, fires in the fireplace, even a satellite dish and TV for the WVU/VA Tech game (which I took a nap through). All good. Lovely place, lovely drive, stopped at Tamarack on the way home and dug the renaissance fest and whatnot. It was a sublime weekend, by any measure. Nice variety of music, too, including plenty of Beatles. Can't wait till next year! Tbird was such a joy, a very easy happy little boy. Just like his sweet daddy.

Then last night, Monday, I played the Silent Witness event at the Erickson Alumni Center at WVU. My lungs and head are still congested with the goo, but I drank about 2 gallons of water all day, and peed a million times, and tried to hydrate the cords. I think I sounded pretty good. I was happy with the vocals. My guitar didn't sound as good as I would have liked, no bottom end in the mix because of feedback fear. But the whole event went really well, and I got approached by someone who is doing a benefit for a victim's family to play for that, too.

It got down to 34 last night, and I'm pretty certain it will frost tonight. But then back up to the 50's at night for at least a week, hell, it might be another month before the next frost, don't pull the plants just yet.

And now for the bad news. The drug war is continuing to have a wicked impact on my friends. Ernie Short apparently got busted with 3 pounds or so. He has a heart condition, and the arrest sent him to the hospital. What does the future hold for him? The now sucks enough.

And my dear friend Ralph Fortune got popped, also in Garrett County MD the fucking fascist police state. Ralph got pulled over and they found a few little empty bags with residues. He got charged with a couple counts of marijuana possession, a paraphernalia charge, and now it appears they're going to try to pin some heroin and coke possession charges. They claim the lab said there were heroin residues in one of the bags. Bullshit. Ralph has been a responsible adult drug user his whole life, and heroin is not on his list. They're offering him a plea with 9 months in jail. 9 months in jail!!!! Ralph is a beautiful dude, extremely hard working unbelievably talented musician, very selfless, kind, and generous. He has always had some problems with depression, ADD, other stuff. He's always been poor. He self-medicates with pot and other drugs, like lots of other poor sick people. Why should he go to jail? Aren't there any criminals or terrorists the fucking pigs could be hassling today? I hate this country for that, this war on our own people. And it's all about some fat fuckers (pharmaceutical companies, chemical manufacturers, alcohol distributors, etc.) making money, like every other war. This shit is wrong all the way around.

Up next, Oktoberfest with my sweet pals George Sitler, George Lively, Renee and Rory, Joe A, Cameron, Jesse & Carol, Gail, Joe C, the gang. Guaranteed to be fun, and should be good weather, too.

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a stellar october