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Sunday, November 07, 2004
Arafat dying, U$A's right turn, new counter, aforementioned NASLH webpage
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Yasser Arafat is dying. He left his compound in the West Bank for the first time in something like 2 years to get medical treatment in France, he apparently has liver failure. I don't know enough about the politics to comment about whether he's a terrorist or a holy man or both, but I know he's wielded great influence for my entire adult life so far. And I know today he's a dying old man, something we'll all have in common eventually.

Is there an inch of of this planet that is not owned? Can we even own any of it? Ownership is such a human construct, kind of flies in the face of the deeper reality of our ephemeral or transient nature as critters on the big blue ball. It seems to me that any Zionist-style movement would be bound to either buy or steal it's homeland, under this construct. And like many seemingly insurmountable struggles over land ownership, this battle has imbued itself into generations, the first ingredient in the recipe for the bloodiest wars. Bla bla bla, as if I know anything.

Just days after the election, I'm starting to see the bigger picture a little. I think the winds of change are moving the U$A to the right, toward jesus, guns, economic libertarianism, and social fascism. None my cup of tea, duh. It's so hard for me to keep my negative attitude toward christianity in check. I know the underpinnings of all the world's religions are about peace and the golden rule and compassion and good stuff. But christianity has been so distorted by so many to represent intolerance and bigotry and bogus moral superiority. It's currently a tool of oppression and abuse, fuck that. I'm looking forward to the pendulum swinging back in my direction, away from this dogmatic bullshit.

Check out my new counter on the blog, bottom left. I set it at 420 to start. :) It's a freebie, ad supported, and look at the hilarious little message I got when I hit the button to generate the code to insert into my blog template: Note: If you alter the code above your account will be disabled or we may show ads on your site or a big image that tells everyone you have stolen this counter or we will call you names and take away your birthday. What could be worse?

I built, well more like remodeled, a website for the NASLH. It's not done, this is just the first draft. Most of the links are bogus right now. I found a nice site with a couple of copyright-free CSS templates, and this is one. I made the logo myself in Photoshop, but that needs work, too. Hopefully get it all done today.

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Hi agian Cat,
I don't feel like starting a blogger acount today so I'll just be anonymous. You asked in a recent post is there any corner of this world that is unowned? Yes, ask our most mutual friend. ;)
Carol -or- Little Miss Grow-It-All.
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Arafat dying, U$A's right turn, new counter, aforementioned NASLH webpage