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Friday, November 26, 2004
are belong to us
Listening to:Don't Forget About Delight, Bruce Cockburn
Reading:Diamond Age
Weather:19, sunny
How about a little home dentistry? Just days after a conversation with my acccountant about how it's cheaper to go to Switzerland for quality dentistry than to get it done in the US, I did a little dentistry of my own. Can you get sued for malpractice if you're not licensed? Larry had a 22 year old metal crown that had cracked and torn, and had left a jagged edge to tear up the side of his tongue. Not pleasant, I'm sure. So he asked if I could look at it, and perhaps twist off or break off the offending section. Red-handled needle-nose pliers in hand, Livi on the flashlight, I went to work. After a few wiggles it became clear, I could not remove the renegade chunk, but could likely remove the entire crown, if he wished. K, do it. Yank, crown removed. It was cool. You can see the little metal post sticking out of the center of the remainder of the tooth where the crown had been attached. The crown had bits of cement and food in it, as did the partial tooth. A little Thanksgiving day fun.

And a lovely Thanksgiving it was. We did indeed see the first snowflake of the year, and plenty of its brethren. It snowed on and off all day, sometimes hard, and there's actually a dusting on the ground this morning.

We had a bodacious meal with my mom, Larry, Liv, Spring, and her boyfriend Joe. Spring brought the sweets with marshmallow, mom brought corn pudding, Larry made the mashed potatoes, and I roasted the chicken, made gravy, cranberry orange relish, and cucumbers and onions. All the food came out perfectly, my gravy had not one lump it was spectacular if I say so my self. Then we played Trivial Pursuit, the 90's version, after dinner. Teams of 2, since only up to 4 can play this version. The oldtimers won it, my mom and Larry. Hee hee. It was pretty fun, except for Liv the evil teenager, who's behavior was rather obnoxious. Something to not be thankful for.

No shopping for me this Black Friday, now that's worthy of deep thanks! Screw spending!

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are belong to us