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Saturday, November 06, 2004
The Election: A Realty Check
Listening to:Reasons Why, Nickel Creek
Reading:Diamond Age
Weather:28, sunny
A Freudian typo? I'm not sure. I grabbed it from Freebo's listserv. As I surfed over to his website to create the link for this post, I notice that the first line under his name is "former long-time Bonnie Raitt bassist." Kinda sad that the first description you write about yourself is what you formerly were. A bit of a surprise from a guy who seems so zen. Hey, half the freakin world is upside down at any given moment, eh?

Is it safe to blog yet? I've been having a heck of a time posting both to this blog and to my work-related blog, both on Blogger, since the election. I still haven't successfully posted to my work blog, but I'll try this morning. It's still 5am in California, maybe the web will be less trafficky.

Part work, part fun, I think I'll design a website for the new National Association of Senior Legal Hotlines. We formed an ass'n last month and are working on recruitment of members. We have a yahoo group, but also need some public webspace to provide access to info about the org and what we're up to. Sounds like a fun excuse to keep working on my CSS skills.

Looks like a gorgeous day. I seriously need to do some laundry, good day to hang it outside.

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The Election: A Realty Check