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Wednesday, November 03, 2004
Give'm Enough Rope!
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I know there's controversy about Ohio. A potential 170,000 provisional votes which may take 2 weeks to count. I know every vote should count, and I believe that. I know if Dubya loses Ohio, he's only got a likely 269 electoral votes, one under the requirement.

But Dubya clearly won the popular vote, by something like 3 million, and he won 51% of the popular vote, an actual majority, though admittedly slim. I continue to think the electoral college is bullshit, even though it has a slim but possible chance of putting my guy in and getting Dubya out. But I think it's lame to support the electoral college now just because this time it could go in my favor. It's a stupid idea. Direct democracy makes more sense, and for that reason, I think we should be admitting defeat as soon as Ohio is counted. No recounts, unless there's evidence of serious malfeasance, which I haven't heard any such allegations yet. No court battles. Let the voice of the people carry the day, even if I'm in the minority. Sigh.

I would appreciate it, however, if Dubya would start recognizing the great chunk of his constituents who very deeply disagree with him on the war, on Social Security, on abortion, on guns, on taxes, etc. I would appreciate it if he'd govern with that in mind, and not rule like a freakin king.

On the WV front, Manchin landslide, no surprise there, but Ken Hechler and Warren McGraw appear to have lost. That sucks royally. And Darryl McGraw is running it very close. Depressing. My boy Jesse Johnson got at least 13,000 votes, that's kinda cool.

Now it's time to regroup and consider how we who lost can make the most impact of our minority voice from here on out. I'm thinking anger and intellectual superiority are not the answer. I think persuasion is a much more subtle and gentle art. Especially persuading people who are entrenched in their views, which are diametrically opposed to ours. I have to agree with Jesse G who identifies their currency as fear. We have to consciously avoid getting sucked into the environment of fear, and be the bearers of light and genuine concern for everyone, even those dicks who stole it last time and appear to have won it this time. No easy task. In fact, way harder than just being pissed and waving signs and writing letters to the editor. I'm thinking more listening and less but more targetted talking.

On a happier not, I got a scanner. Not as high-res as my old killed one, but not as bad as the cheap one at my office. It was on sale at O'max for $119. I've been really missing not having one for months, and Liv had a family tree project to do that she needed photos for, so I gave in to it. I wish they'd eliminate all the stupid buttons for various one-click stuff, and make them cheaper instead. It plugs into a computer for shit's sake, and the accompanying software is so easy a 5 yr old could use it. Anyhoo, I'm whiney today. I should just be glad to have a scanner again, somebody smack me.

My glass is half full and half empty, call me a bipolar optocynic.

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Give'm Enough Rope!