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Wednesday, November 17, 2004
nary a flake yet, and no more Radioio :(
Listening to:Bennie Green, Highway Blues
Reading:Diamond Age
Weather:51, drizzly
Quick, knock on some wood, it hasn't snowed yet. Seems very late in the year for not seeing even a flurry. Hm.

Well, apparently they changed something at Radioio 70's because my old Windows Media Player radio preset doesn't work for them anymore. Might be a Firefox compatibility issue, but I'm pretty sure I've been listening many times since I switched to Firefox. Perhaps, however, when I nuked up to SP2, XP somehow made more associations with Firefox since it's my default browser. Seems so unlikely though, but the timing is about right on the disruption. Anyhoo, I'm sad, cuz I loved listening to that station, fucking excellent mix of deep album cuts from some stellar early and mid-70's acts, lots of shit you never hear on radio. I won't be listening anymore cuz if you can't get to it from a preset, you have to pay. Fuck that. I don't pay for radio. At least not yet. Needs to be way cheaper for me to pay, like about $3 month. I'd pay that for a high bandwidth stream.

Got me some hemp granola at the co-op, defreakinlicious, people. And so good for ya!

Also got the info I needed to figure out how to add a css reference to templates in the OrangeCD website export function. Now I can update my CD collection on the web and make it look groovy with cascading style. Yeah!

A week from manana it'll be Thanksgiving, a most groovus holiday. I'm cooking. Should be splendid.

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Hey Cathy, I had the same trouble with radioio70s and I just swithed to realplayer and it's worked just fine. You can sign in as just a listener w/o having to pay, but you have to listen to them begging for money. That's ok thought, as long as I don't have to pay to listen to them beg! Cul8r, Willie
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nary a flake yet, and no more Radioio :(