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Saturday, November 20, 2004
where's my digital wallpaper?
Listening to:Little Wing, Clapton Live@the Fillmore
Reading:Diamond Age
Weather:51, overcast
It would be like a huge poster you hang over an entire wall, but it's really a giant flexible screen. It's wirelessly connected to your computer, and you can put a nice solid color across it like paint, or a forest scene, or a movie. I can't understand why we don't have that yet. I guess all the fastest geek brains are working on freakin cell phone technology. Don't people have enough ways to make others listen to them babble incessantly already?!? Take this blog, for instance. . .

Found a website with .mp3's of each track of the most splendid Buckingham Nicks album. The whole site is about those two, from that album through Fleetwood Mac days and beyond. I think that BN album is one of the best acoustic albums ever, great tunes, killer guitar playing, that 70's pop flavor I love. The great and wonderful Boomer burned me a copy of the vinyl several years ago. I have the vinyl, but my copy is nowhere near as pristine as Boomer's, so he kindly duped it for me. I can listen to it all day long.

Did I tell you about my poinsettia experiment? I have all 3 poinsettias I got last year, and still alive, though one now just barely. They all got pretty nice and green and bushy this summer, awesome. But then they started losing their leaves (well, one stayed bushy). It is a bit tricky to get them to go back to bloom phase, it's all about hours of true darkness. Even a streetlight far away can keep them awake, so to speak. So I put them in a little closet in my basement for 2 weeks exactly. I didn't water them, though, and one got pretty nuked (the one that never lost it's leaves yet, of course). It might not make it. But the other two look just fine (except the big branch I broke off one as I removed it from the closet, ouch). Now we'll see if they go into blooming phase. Keep your fingers crossed for me. Oh, BTW they are three distinctly different varieties, too, so there may be some genetic variation in this crazy picture, as well.

I'm off to pro bono some publico this morning, then pick up Liv from a slumber party. Hopefully I'll make a cool css template for my CD collection this weekend and republish the update. Got to have some ambition!

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He he he he. Oh, ... I mean, I don't think that your poinsettia experiment will work. It is about total dark, each and every night. Starting in mid to late Sept. and ending about now, depending on variety. They need to get as many hours of dark as there is outside. Once they get close to full color it doesn't matter any more, as long as they get enough light for basic life of the plant.

What kinds do you have, maybe Santa left them with me?
Carol - or - Little Miss Grow-It-All.
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where's my digital wallpaper?