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Wednesday, December 01, 2004
fast and delicious
Listening to:liv singing
Reading:you know
Weather:30, overcast I think
No KenJen, who cares about Jeopardy anymore.

Really good dinner for 2 in 15 minutes:

2 organic chicken breasts
peanut oil
Paul Prudhomme's Vegetable Magic seasoning
Ranch or Caesar or other creamy salad dressing
shredded cheddar and jack
2 small heads of broccoli
one exploding frig pack of 5 biscuits

Heat heavy frying pan to at least medium high, add a spoonful of oil. Season one side of each chicken breast with a pinch of Veg Magic, put seasoned side down in sizzling oil. Season other side a little. Turn on oven to 350.

Flip chicken breasts after just a minute or so, when bottom is browned. After browning other side for a minute, turn heat down to medium.

Cut broc florets off, slice stalk diagonally a few times for cool looking pieces. Add florets and slices to small bowl of water, nuke for 4 minutes or so.

Open biscuits (pop!), put on cookie sheet, put in oven.

Don't overcook chicken, it's done when you squish it down with spatula and it is pretty firm. Take off the heat. Spread just a wee smidge of creamy salad dressing on top of each chicken breast. Top with a spoonful or so of shredded cheese. Cover for a sec to get cheese to melt.

Drain broc, add butter and pepper. Biscuits looking golden brown? Take them out. Dinner is served. Yum.

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fast and delicious