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Sunday, December 12, 2004
First snow on the ground!
Listening to:The Ditty Bops
Reading:a how-to book on moviemaking
Weather:30, less than an inch of snosw on the ground, more to come
Seems like it took a long time this year, but it's here. I know, I know, be careful what you wish for. But it takes quite a bit of snow to get me bitch about it.

Perhaps I'll put up some colory decorations now that it looks like xmas. I have lights up inside, but nothing else. Every year I have the same dilemma - I like having a tree in the house, they smell good and it's fun to hang stuff on them. But I hate the idea of a tree getting cut down just for a few weeks of my amusement. Doesn't seem right. A fake tree is just wrong. But I've had this design in my mind for years, a sculptural kind of tree, it hangs from the ceiling, has hooks all over it to hang your xmasy stuff on. One of these days. . .

Spring graduates today! w00t!

But my friend Regina died on Friday. She had leukemia. Very sad, she was only 58 and a real mensch. I'll miss her. She was on my Board of Directors, and was nothing but kind to me all these years. The first person I told (other than email to colleagues) was Linde, not even knowing if she knew Regina. Linde told of how Regina had represented her on an employment issue, got her a back award, and then said it wasn't very big and wouldn't charge her for the case. Not a surprise, she was a former legal aid lawyer and even after going into private practice always was on the side of the little guy. There will be lots of stories like that. Lots of people will miss her, and lots of people will miss having a great attorney who cares about justice for those who need it most.

Got to see my sweet and wonderful pal Boomer on Friday! He's such a doll. His mom has been having some health problems, she's 80. He is such a great son, she must have been a stellar parent to raise a wonderful person like him. Boomer is so generous, he brought me a pile of righteous CD's and movies! Killer stuff, old Chicago, rare Neil Young, Clapton doing Robert Johnson, Los Lonely Boys, and more. I'm a lucky kitty!

Made my first trip to the Rosewood and saw dhruva on Friday night. Cool venue! Still needs a little baffling, I think. Maybe the sound is tamer when there are more bodies to absorb it. It's pretty big, holds like 300 I think. dhruva is playing with a guy Erik, who looks and sounds eerily like Paul. Not an exact duplicate, but enough similarity that it's weird. I didn't really notice it when I met him before.

Winter rules! Solstice just around the corner, 8am on 12/21/04. Time for pomegranite seeds and wassail, burning the yule log to welcome back the sunlight, feasting and sharing gifts, and generally enjoying the calm of being at home during the dark hours. Sweet Saturnalia!

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First snow on the ground!