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Sunday, December 26, 2004
home from the holidays
Listening to:livi nagging for a ride somewhere
Reading:Diamond Age, almost done
Weather:28, snowy
We made it home from DC tonight, a snowy trip. It was all good until we reached the aptly-named Frostburg. Then all snow. Not much accumulation on the roads, less than an inch everywhere, but just enough to obliterate the lines. Mostly just 2 tire tracks in the right lane, much like our trip out there on Thursday. But then we were heading east, so once into Allegany County the roads were fine and the snow ended by Hagerstown. On the way home we knew it would likely get worse rather than better, and it did. Gladesville Road was probably about the worst, though there's not much danger of people passing you on that one.

Santa was crazy this year, gave Liv and I everything we could think to ask for. I got some excellent CD's, various groovy stuff, and a kickass digital camera, a Canon Elph 300. It's 4mp, 3x optical zoom, takes SD cards just like my PDA, makes movies, and all that happy stuff. I shot a pile of photos at the nightly family gatherings out at my mom's, I'll post a few. It's extra tiny, too, smaller in every dimension than a deck of cards. The bomb! Santa rules!

Got to see most of the usual suspects at my mom's, plus a few extra like Melanie who used to be my step-sister, and a priest friend of the family, and Roberta O'Connell McCabe who is my old pal Tara's mom. Tara and the O'Connell family lived across Franklin Street from me when I was growing up, from about age 1 till they moved when I was around 13. I haven't seen Mrs. O since they moved, it was crazy cool, she's excellent. And so is her husband who she married shortly after they moved 25 years ago. It was pretty cool all around.

So glad to be home. I got to enjoy a cool show on public radio on the last leg of the journey, about coming home to West Virginia. Poet laureate Irene McKinney read some wonderful poems, some dudes played some music, Brad Paisley sang that Harlan song. All good.

Time to chill and play with my new toys. Lucky me!

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home from the holidays