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Friday, December 31, 2004
Ready for 2005
Listening to:Everybody's Got Something to Hide 'cept for Me & My Monkey, you know who
Reading:Diamond Age
Weather:an amazing 58 and mostly cloudy
Happy New Year all y'all! How lucky are we to have everything we could possibly ever want, it's a phat world especially up here where tsunami is just a distant nightmare. I'm enjoying this unseasonably warm day cleaning up inside and outside the old wigwam. Got a pile of limbs to burn tonight, the days are getting longer, my bills are paid, my frig is spotless, Liv is heading for a party, all good.

If you know me you know I'm no stellar housekeeper, but I have a great cleaning hint for ya. First, if your vacuum cleaner is more than 7 or 8 years old give yourself the gift of a new one. For less than $100 you can get some kickass sucking technology. No bags, easy, upright and hose cleaner in one. But it's really loud so before vacuuming put on some seriously loud rock and roll, plenty of cymbals. I recommend the Doobie Brothers, Bad Company, or Pablo Cruise (might need the turntable for that one). OK, next take the shit apart, hoses, filters, all that and give it a clean. That corrugated hose needs to have something like a curtain rod carefully pushed through it. Yeah, all that stuff was clogging the works, making you have to vacuum longer, and making your machine louder. A'ight, now put it all back together, turn the stereo back up, and push the foot switch. See, shit is getting sucked up that hose from 6 inches away!

And an update on the poinsettia experiment: I have been trying really diligently to keep the lights off in the living room after dark since I gave the poinsettias a 2 week vacation in the closet. They are definitely blooming now. The question is, now that the days are getting longer, are there still enough hours of darkness to keep them making more colory bracts or will they turn the season corner, too? We'll see, I'll periodically post a picture. This photo collage is from photos I just took about 6 minutes ago with my new digital camera! Ahoooga.

On a funny note, Liv said she felt poor when she opened the frig and it was mostly empty. I, on the other hand, feel richer when there's less stuff in my house, including in my frig. If Santa really loved me, he's come take stuff every year!

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Ready for 2005