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Wednesday, December 08, 2004
youth of morganhole think everything is their personal billboard
Listening to:Laura Nyro, America, Syd Barrett, Frampton, etc., radioio70's
Weather:48, partly cloudy
Have I already told you that when liv's friends get together it's very ugly? Dude, these teenagers spend every waking moment completely ragging on everything they see and everybody who's not in the room. It's atrocious. They are all elitists, the poor claim superiority over the rich, the rich over the poor, anything popular must suck, anything that sucks must rock, anyone not exactly like me is not worthy, aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggghhhhhhhhhh! Sunday I had a gaggle of them over (a passel? perhaps a bevy, but then again coulda been a murder!) and they even took the roast beast! I mean they even took my little zen rock garden and wrote some lame message in the sand. It's a fucking zen garden, you malevolent little dolts! Ignoranuses.

But there's good news! I am again enjoying the deep album cut 70's sounds of radioio again! I downloaded iTunes, the player (not by choice, it came bundled with the latest Quicktime). So I gave it a shot, what the hey. And it has radio presets, shitloads of them, and radioio's various streams are in there!!! And at 64k! Yeah, baby. All good. In fact, though the player doesn't have the cool little keypad on the minimizer, it does show what tune is playing on the stream if you mouseover the tray icon. Sweet.

More all good, this friday is beer night, my monthly soiree with my homeys chez dantheman. In addition to the usual December yule spirit, we'll also be grooving on dan's recent kickass accomplishments, including becoming a licensed realtor and he and linde paying off their mortgage! Much to celebrate.

And on the sad side of the world, my friend and colleague Regina's leukemia has returned. If you have a spare moment, please send a little healing vibe her way. She is a wonderful person, all the way around, and does a lot of good for a lot of people, me included.

Spring is graduating from WVU with a parks and rec degree this Sunday. She is such an awesome kid! Hooray for her. Her mom & husband and sister Summer & boyfriend are coming in for the festivities. Fun times for all, I hope. Livi is excited to see Summer. Snow and Spring's brother Brandon can't make it, but maybe Spring'll get to see them over xmas or something. Bravo Spring! You did it!!!!!

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youth of morganhole think everything is their personal billboard