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Thursday, January 20, 2005
freedom and jesus, will it ever end?!?
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Weather:22, snowing all day
My November depression is back, it's inauguration day. All freakin day from every broadcasting source it's been W babble. I think I heard him say "freedom" and "liberty" like a gazillion times. What the hell is he talking about?!?! I think lots of Americans are feeling pretty free to move out of their homes when they get evicted. Some are feeling quite free to have lunch at the soup kitchen because the payday lender got 20% of the last paycheck and it's only Wednesday. Plenty are feeling free to hang up blankets over doorways in their trailers so they can keep at least one room warm with the stinking kerosene heater. In West Virginia we're all at liberty to breathe the 100% free polluted air and drink the pricey dioxin-laden water.

Margaret C. on the wv NLG listserv posted a list of interesting numbers about the inauguration, Lifestyles of the Sick and the Shameless in the subject line. Over $40 million for the inaugural hoopla, not including security. The article listed lots of other things that could have been covered by that cash, 200 full-tilt-boogie-armored humvees, etc. It's especially obscene in the face of the devastation and deep immediate poverty the tsunami victims are experiencing. Well, the victims who are still alive, I mean. W: Let them eat cake.

But all this sounding like I'm pissed is just an act. I'm actually just very sad. Does this guy have a clue how utterly opposites my values are to his? He's supposed to be my president, too, but he doesn't represent me in any way. It's not just that I didn't vote for him, or that I'm not a member of his party. I wish he knew how ABSOLUTELY HORRIFIED I am by the plans and actions he makes and takes on my behalf. I'm not just a teeny minority fringe anti-war hippie, there are lots and lots of me who aren't just displeased with this hawk who plans to dismantle government to cement the pharmadefensesprawlmartcorporatocracy. Our values and priorities are light years away from his jesus-flag reign of terror. I wonder if he ever wondered what it would be like to have a president who credited Kali with natural disasters, or who actively sought constitutional amendment to encourage polygamy, or danced naked around the fire celebrating Bacchanalia, or ate peyote for divine contemplation of foreign policy. Doubt it. But I bet he wouldn't be such a happy little monkey in that sitch. I'd trade for any of them in a heartbeat.

Gonna snow like a mutha this weekend, yee ha. My freezer is full, bring it on!

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freedom and jesus, will it ever end?!?