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Monday, January 31, 2005
goodbye Jim Capaldi
Listening to:Aquarium Rescue Unit, The Calling
Reading:Magic Seeds
Weather:32, cloudy night
Traffic drummer Jim Capaldi died on Friday, he was 60. Stomach cancer. He was a great songwriter, too. He cowrote plenty of Traffic stuff including the splendid Low Spark of Highheeled Boys (check out his magnificent acoustic rendition, which woke me up from a dead sleep one time), and surprisingly cowrote Love Will Keep Us Alive (yeah, the Eagles comeback hit) with the splendid writer Paul Carrack. Both tunes really haunting. The percentage you're paying is too high-priced, while you're living beyond all your means. And the man in the suit has just bought a new car from the profit he's made on your dreams. But today you just swear that the man was shot dead by a gun that didn't make any noise. But it wasn't the bullet that laid him to rest was the low spark of high-heeled boys.

I wish we hadn't been running late this morning, it was a perfect day for photos. It was still cold, 15, and snow everywhere, in every branch of every tree. But the sun was coming up lovely and there was a wicked snake of fog in the mon valley. I shot this while driving north on the Grafton Road at about 45 miles per hour, through dirty windshield. It popped up above freezing with sun, so the snow is all gone from the trees now. But the yards are still entirely covered, as is my driveway.

Liv did a great job at All-State choir this weekend. Larry and I went with my mom and dad. Stayed at the Marriott by the big mall. Did some power shopping with my mom. Had a most exquisite dinner at the Tidewater. The weather only began to suck just below Morgantown. My poor mom had to drive all the way back east in it. But she made it safely, and everyone had a pretty good time, I think. One of the choir directors from Motown recognized me from the old AP days at Neighbors.

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goodbye Jim Capaldi