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Wednesday, January 12, 2005
never say never, so how about "not in this lifetime"
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Reading:Magic Seeds, Naipaul
Weather:50 something, overcast
Those weenies at the Demented Pest have eliminated free access to the web version of the paper. They want .50 a day to subscribe for a month, .25 a day for a bloody year subscription. I DON'T THINK SO. The fucking paper version only costs .50. That rag will need to substantially improve its news to sports ratio, most of its journalism, double in size, and eliminate the editorial nonsense before I pay a lousy penny to read it. The only thing I'll actually miss is the daily report, where I see which of my friends got DUI's.

Buh bye.

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I hear ya cat. I wrote Raese and told him what an ignorant move the online subscription was. Asshead!!!!

Guess I'm no longer a reader of the Demented Pest (I like that!)

Radical law student pal
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never say never, so how about "not in this lifetime"