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Saturday, January 22, 2005
once again, if only the blowhards were right
Listening to:Heart of the Matter, Eagles
Reading:Magic Seeds
Weather:30, snowing
Remember when the religious wrong proclaimed Tinky Winky a gay icon? And how wrong they were <<>stereotype<>>, because obviously what self-respecting homosexual would wear a red purse with a purple ensemble<>>/stereotype>><. Well now some similarly-bent group is claiming that a video put out by the We Are Family Foundation uses Spongebob as a gay icon to make kids gay or some such shit. WRONG AGAIN, MORONS.

Let me explain. First, the video is to teach kids about inclusion and unity and multiculturalism, which is the mission of WAFF. WAFF is the creation of the absolutely amazing pop music industry heavyhitter Nile Rodgers. Nile wrote the song We Are Family, but has written, performed, or produced umpteen gazillion hit records, including my old fave The Freak by Chic (his band). He's made hits for an amazing variety of performers, from The Thompson Twins to Eric Clapton, Mick Jagger to Madonna. Don't fuck with Nile, OK?

Second, WAFF's inclusion and unity stuff certainly does include sexual orientation, but that's just one tiny piece of it. You would be hardpressed to find a word about sexuality at all on their website. They are far from a homosexual activism org.

Third, those wrong-wing Dorks made a big mistake and they just won't admit it! There IS an activism org called We Are Family, and it IS about supporting gay, bi, trangender, and questioning youth. The Dorks apparently heard about the video and heard it was by we are family somethingorother, and mistakenly ASSumed. Then they trumped up some hilarious shit about Spongebob frequently holding hands with his same-sex little friend, and therefore promoting homosexuality among our youth.

Just like when those nutcases said John Kerry was a bleeding heart anti-war liberal, and I said I freakin wish! Spongebob and Tinkywinky are not promoting acceptance of gay lifestyles because they have absolutely nothing to do with sexuality at all!!!! I wish there were some damn saturday morning cartoon characters who ever appeared to give a shit about supporting gay kids. But there aren't, so like somebody smarter than me said, why don't you crusading sabateurs watch a little less TV and get yourselves some therapy!

On a somewhat lighter note, how 'bout that snow? Lovely. We've got many inches, and many more to go. Winter's here, ahooooooooooga!

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once again, if only the blowhards were right