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Saturday, January 15, 2005
Pork Tornado
Listening to:Gonna Move, Susan Tedeschi
Reading:Magic Seeds
Weather:30, sunny
I'd love to hear what kind of twisted word association you came up with just now.

But don't blame it on me. Check out Pork Tornado's 12 worst album covers of all time. Ok, the album covers are funny enough, but read his commentary, I was howling. So funny I forgave him for including the Orleans album, those guys rule!

If you're waiting for someone else to act right, you're probably in for quite a long wait. It's easier to just make it easy for folks to act the way you want them to, give them what they want, even though you really don't think they deserve it or whatever. Poof, you end up getting what you want out of it, and you get to quit bitching. A little zen chicken eggery.

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Pork Tornado