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Sunday, January 02, 2005
starting out the year the good way
Listening to:This Masquerade: Leon Russell, Hollies: Don't Leave the Child Alone
Reading:Diamond Age
Weather:50, overcast
Ebay rocks. I put up 4 auctions on 1/1/05, the first time I've ever tried to sell anything there (I've bought several things). I had looked at a shelf full of sheet music and songbooks in my living room, and decided I was sick of dusting them. So I divided them into 4 groups, and posted auctions. Arranged them, took snapshots with my new digi cam, uploaded, wrote descriptions, ba da bing. About 10 minutes later some dude emails me a question, would I sell just one of the songbooks (ELO) from a set of 7. Hm, not sure if I'm allowed, let me check it out. Yep, no bids yet, revise to your heart's content. Oh, he says in another email, and I'll pay you $25 plus shipping. Yeah, baby! Revised auction and picture, added new auction with a Buy It Now for $25 option.

This morning I wake up, Paypal has a $33 payment for me to accept. Click. Then it says click here and pay for shipping and print out postage/shipping label on your printer. K. I guesstimate the weight (seems like less than the 1 1/2 pounds of chicken in the freezer). Click, print, schwing! And the coolest part is I just wanted to get rid of the stuff, money is merely gravy. And there are already bids on 3 of my remaining 4 auctions. Saweeeet!

It's Sunday morning, and one of my favorite shows CBS Sunday Morning is showing its end of year people who died segment today. Cool, love that segment. But I don't feel like parking in front of the TV, I feel like doing my dishes. I call Lar, you taping that? Yup. Cool, dishbound I am. Start dishes and as I look out the kitchen window over my back 40, the firepit up the hill and whatnot, I see a herd of deer hanging out. Yeah, like 6 deer. I try to snap a pic through the window, no good, it focuses on something closer. So I oh so quietly open the kitchen door to the porch. The deer look over. One big mama, 5 smaller deer. We look at each other for a while. I snap a couple of shots, still not too quick on the settings for my new camera, but I get something, then they walk over to the fence and one by one leap over into the meadow and slowly walk off. Tres cool.

The sun is trying to come out. The temps are unreal. Daria and Randy came over for new year's cheese and the most deep purple delicious pomegranate ever, we burned some briars. Also cool. I'm all for homage to Kali this year.

Now I'm trying to decide if I should buy some kind of scales for my ebay adventures. There seems to be a huge divide between the 100 grams or less very affordable scales and the way more expensive scales that go up to pounds. Also the hanging scales that go up to 25 or 50 pounds don't seem to give much accuracy for the small stuff. Hm. More on this later.

Back to work tomorrow, can't complain about that, good to have a job.

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starting out the year the good way