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Monday, February 21, 2005
Gidget, Gonzo, gorilla
Listening to:an annoying mouse
Weather:45, drizzley
RIP to both teen queen Sandra Dee, who died of kidney disease at 62, and gonzo journalist and creative writer Hunter S. Thompson, who blew his brains out at age 67.

Sandra Dee meant next to nothing to me, but Hunter S. wrote some of the books that really made me want to read when I was about Olivia's age. One thing I vividly remember in reading Fear and Loathing is that it included a little bit of twisted ink-splattered illustration done by Ralph Steadman, who also did some stuff for Pink Floyd [I'd double check my vinyl copy of the Wall, which I literally walked several miles in the snow to buy the day it came out, but some fucker stole it from me about 5 years ago]. After Fear and Loathing I was hooked on insane drug fiction, Tom Robbins, Burroughs, etc. I read like a fiend, which I think is good for a teenager, almost no matter what books you read. Keeps ya off the cathode ray crack pipe and learns ya some vocabulary.

I read these books beneath a big poster of Koko the gorilla with his little kitten All Ball. Got it from Nat'l Geographic World magazine, I was a subscriber. I was all about Koko learning sign language, how cool. So what's up with Koko the perv? Actually, it appears Koko's trainer guy was the perv, teaching the gorilla to say nipple and asking female trainers for some show and tell. What else was that dork teaching the gorilla? Where's a tazer when you really need one? Those chicks shoulda taught Koko how to kick that jerk in the nuts on cue.

Nary a flake of the 3 to 5 inches of snow predicted for yesterday. Good for me, I'm heading back to Chastn today (I should get a blinkin apartment down there, it'd be cheaper than all these hotel rooms). Tonight I'm staying at the Country Inns and Suites in Elkview, no indoor pool but saves me a few miles from the one with the pool in South Charleston.

I have a birthday coming up, I'll be 39. No, seriously, I will. I'm considering buying myself the lovely gift of a touchscreen LCD monitor with some of my tax refund. How cool would it be to be able to ditch the mouse? Draw on the screen with your image program? Just a thought, I've been shopping around on the net, never seem to find touchscreens in the stores. I might check out CompUSA or Best Buy in the 'burgh for some actual viewing time.

Back to my laundry for now. But coming soon, cat tries her hand at podcasting. . .

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Gidget, Gonzo, gorilla